Mind : The Perpetual Intercourse

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hi, I hope that you enjoy yourself in my little bazzar...it's been quite some time since I've posted, it's been, believe me, a bear of a year...Things are returning to form, and as much as I'm out all the time, I hope that you will find something to think about here...

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have fun! TTFN... ;)))

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Today the hours linger with me...
floating unconcious semiotic thought
like automatic writing it seems
mischieveous playful,pearlescent...
I rarely practice détente when time replaces intuition,
though D'ebutante'ce seems comfortably numb...
As we nip, tuck, and finally discover another D’enouement...
smoke spirals green around narcisse noir yearnings,
encircled by fire from some ancient Earth
or maybe a truth lit by ancestors,danced round long ago
I arched as I will always be sister...Terpsichore...
There is here,then...now...
then again, this burning coak which illuminates my life
has barely grazed this languidly yawning reflection...
upon reflection...
and so it falls blissfully back in fields of dreams
boxed and bound within my vessel
grounded rhythmic satorial chamber
embracing it's hidden heather
passionante enigma of all tomorrow’s dawn

(© Brielle Echo Whitney)

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself...

a bird will fall dead from a bough,
without ever feeling sorry for herself...

DH Lawerance

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.
Frank Zappa

If I was not amorphous
would you interlace, experience
strike charge
feedback in the box
autoerotic generrotic homogenous
longingly scanning the path
before you
make yourself
stand tall
we are again
a little more today
and still tomorrow
life rushes slowly
I stand upon tiptoed
of shifting vanity
holding your key in the balance
of my sway, treasure
unfoundrd bountiful
outraged women’s arms
the letter hax
attatched to lightning,
white reefer
swinging freely
floats on the tongue of a bell
to one drop
point blank
tell me
are you tied up?
or born severely
in the night
ssshhhhhh.......wait for it
down on all fours
where the air becomes steam
well crowned
in some perverse direction
Like candy floss lacquer
your kiss seems
within each pursuit
among the masses
on parade
Titania’s child
fondles open
the compelling augest
silken legs
in the folds of obstinate
before, during and after
I bring centuries
of invitation
to the feast
thousands of flaming pearls
on a bed of belief
I am to be discovered
each day, each night
find yourself
who I am calling.....

(© Brielle Whitney~riding the brainticket express...lol)