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Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanx to my brilliant sister Alysyn, now we know their worst fears are all true !... ah...hahahahaha!!!
( I know YOU are but what am I? ;D)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

FRIDAY THE 13th, Could it possibly GET any WEIRDER?...lol

Hey girls, wazzup?
How's YOUR day going? ;D Now let me tell ya, I'm no
fool, and very down to
earth, but over the years many strange & unexplainable
occurances have happened to me..
sometimes I think that I'm some sort of channel for
these to manifest themselves...other times, i just think that I'm in the
odd place at the right time...lolol
Today has been VERY odd. FIRST, there was the
reappearance from thin air of my friend Jude,
who disappeared seemingly off the planet last April...without a trace!
that's # 1
# 2~ Today here in NYC it was SOOO foggy all day &
night too, the the city virtually disappeared in that soup...it never let up,
and is still enveloping the city... you can't see much of ANYTHING! Explainable,
but wierd for Friday the 13th... lol
# 3 While at work, I had an electrical service for no
good reason blow up on me...s'ok, I'm fine... but not something that should
happen for any good reason... it did
startled the P! outta me...literally! sheesh! I still
have my eyelashes... ;D last time this
happened I lost them, my eyebrows, and was a real
flaming red head...literally! WHEW! This was not my
doing, and so I find it quite suspect... ...hmmm...
# 4 on my way OUT after work... a Cadillac parked
across the street spontaneously combusted... burned voraciously with 25 ft. flames, and
finally blew up! A real hot rod to be sure!...lol I guess that's the result of smoking the tires & burning asphalt on the 13th...lol...kewel! I've never seen
that before in person ! I got a really good distance away before it
blew... BANG! weird eh? I'll have my
employee who was with me send me the pics off the blackberry so's ya know I'm not
# 5 After the car blew, and I went to get paid... a
miscalculation left me
with less than 1/2 of my pay for the week, & I'm the
project manager! That NEVER happens...
again, weird... & not good, as B went out shopping
all hollywood & splurged on a new spensive' outfit &
heels... DOH!
(It's REALLY cute though!) ;D THAT was a good
thing... ;D
# 6 after getting to my neighborhood... & coming
in...I looked at the web for
a sec...THEN... all of a sudden, my main monitor died!
dubble doh!
#7... getting tired yet?...;D lol My little Pi~rat cat (he's blind in one eye...har matey!)
decided that this was the day that he would declare his maleness, and
sprayed the whole house with musk...ewwwww!
It's like the cat planet in Kilgore Trout's Venus on
the Half Shell....!!!! PU! MEOW! That's it, I am dyin'
in here... AND, and decided to be merciless & take him
for an orchiotomy... so I get a TS cat, and still
can't decide for myself...DOH! lol
# 8...I went to the bank to deposit...parked legally
& all... when I got
out...3 busses had taken up 1 lane for 50 yards..stopped dead in
their trax...turned the lights off, threw away the
keys and seemingly left for the night leaving the 3
busses both blocking a lane, and completely blocking
me from getting out... SO! I drove on the sidewalk to
get out! AND, when I got to the front of the lead
bus...there was a cop sitting right there! DOH!
busted!...lol well, he didn't
speak, just looked at me like "You know what you
did"...lol handed me a ticket for $150.00...
and so I drove home...AND... the wierdest of the wierd...
I was in the elevator at work today, which resembles a
dark wooded coctail
bar... lol I'm half expecting to get in one day, and
see barstools, and a panel cut out in
the back with a tall thin man serving martini's ...
there is a bar like that in NYC...that
size anyway... only fits 6 people...lol you find
EVERYTHING here... ;D that's one reason why I
love it... wink! BUT, I turned to this fellow in the
elevator who works for the bldg., and remarked that
there seem to be ALOT of beautiful women in the
building...he, without turning his head, rolled his
eyes over at me & said...BETTER BE CAREFUL, YOU COULD WIND UP
WITH A D**K IN YOUR A**!!! What the fak? !!
Now New Yorkers come in every style imaginable, and are known
for being quite direct... but THAT was
awfully weird... This bldg. is in my sister Victoria's
neighborhood... I'm not putting
it past running into her yet in the elevator, on a
barstool, drinking a martini...lol
# 9...I WAS going to go out tonight...Kristianna wants me to go to
the Viper Room... should I dare step outside again? or
wait till the 14th... lolol
# 10 Yes, it was certainly one for the memoirs...lol the final cap was this... I
finally said nope, not
going back out there... went & got some organic Chinese food...rather had it
wanting to go back out there...lolol...anyway, I finished my meal, & cracked open
fortune cookie...it said..."Come back later...I am sleeping.(yes, even cookies
need their
sleep too!)... wow, Zen or what!? ;D

B !

YOU TELL ME? Anything "off" happen to you today? ;D

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Friday, January 06, 2006



Boggle you say?...lol This are just too cool for school... where DOES she find this stuff?...LOLOLOLOL

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2006 everyone, sit back, take off your skippies, relax, enjoy, & expand your mind... hope that you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy painting with words! There are lots of different pages, just click on the archives---> have fun!

B !

Like so many before I make you
like so many before I saved you
for rapture in the deep
and so I saved myself
I take you to book
from above
beat from above
One in the box and one in the bush
I’m kneeling down to smoke the cross
If ever I needed satisfaction
If ever you’d go
the wrecks
then I’d open it up
and run right through the door
I'd run right through that door
The flowers of night
seek nothing
from the light
I was just fascinated
I was just mystified
Shamen Ra Gutta Hai Hai
Like so many before I crave you
Like so many before I play the wind up
beyond the life he leads
she's psychic sourcing off the grid
evolving & revolving ahead
in mass production now we're dreaming softly
from above
Heart beat from above
star crossed evenings wherein we fly
open to anticipation
open to intrusion
if ever I needed satisfaction
and if ever then
you’d go the wrecks
then I’d open it up
and run right through the door I’d run right through that door
the flowers of night
seek nothing from the light
It was just enigmatic
I was just fascinated
Shamen Ra Gutta Hai Hai
Like so many before I invent you
like so many before I walk in tribes
that spread out in relief
so that I can reveal myself
from above
Heart beat from above
Trans lux speed trials
build momentum fevers pitch
dark sweet taboos
of profoundly elegant devise
if ever I needed satisfaction
if ever then you’d go the wrecks
then I’d open it up
and run right through the door
the flowers of light
turn to roses in the night
I was just fascinated
I've become transfixed
Shamen Ra Gutta Hai Hai!
Like so many before I am obcession
like so many before I am cool growling
in ritual I am potentate
angel and devil
am I exhorcism or celebration of the bells?
I take you to learn
Heartbeat from above
beat from above
Twelve tolls
in motion alert around the clock
on a bed of belief
I kiss your head
incandescent in every measure
of everyday
if ever I needed satisfaction
and if ever you’d go the wrecks
then I’d open it up
THEN I’d open it up
and RUN right through the door
I’d run right through that door
the flowers of night
seek nothing from the light
I was just fascinated
I was just fascinated
Shamen Ra Gutta Hai Hai!

© Bri Whitney 2006