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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

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Bri ! ~

Today the hours linger with me...
unconcious semiotic thought
like automatic writing
it seems mischieveous
playful, pearlescent...
I rarely practice détente when time replaces intuition,
though D'ebutante'ce seems comfortably numb...
As we nip, tuck, and finally felch
another denouement...
smoke spirals green around
narcisse noir yearnings,
encircled by fire
from some ancient Earth
or maybe a truth lit by ancestors,
danced round long ago
I arched
as I will always be
There is here
then again,
this burning
coak which
my life
has barely grazed
this languidly
upon reflection...
and so it falls
blissfully back
in fields of dreams
boxed and bound
within my vessel
grounded rhythmic
satorial chamber
embracing it's hidden heather
enigma of all tomorrow’s

© Bri Whitney 2005

A Stitch in Time..... ;D

The orange leaf is symbolic of many things...Lying mid~way between yellow & red, orange is the most actinic colour. As well, lying mid~way between celestial gold, and cythonian red, the primary symbolism if the colour is that of the point of balance between the spirit, and the libido...However, this balance tends to be upset in one direction or the other, so that orange may become the revelation of divine love, or the emblem of lust.
I write this to those who have touched me, for you are both a revelation of divine love AND lust... I am grateful to know you and have you in my life as we continue to build a history with each other...
From the deepest chambers of my heart... much much love... ;D

Thursday, November 10, 2005

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kudo's to my gal pal & sis G~Spot for sharing this with me... it's so LOL hilarious! I'm still giggling... ;D Hope you all enjoy it too!

Here's a prime example of "Men Are From Mars, Women
Are From Venus" offered by an English professor:

The professor told his class one day: "Today we will
experiment with a new form called the tandem story.
The process is simple. Each person will pair off with
the person sitting to his or her immediate right. As
homework tonight, one of you will write the first
paragraph of a short story. You will e-mail your
partner that paragraph and send another copy to me.
The partner will read the first paragraph and then add
another paragraph to the story and send it back, also
sending another copy to me.

"The first person will then add a third paragraph, and
so on back-and-forth. Remember to re-read what has
been written each time in order to keep the story
coherent. There is to be absolutely NO talking outside
of the e-mails and anything you wish to say must be
written in the e-mail. The story is over when both
agree a conclusion has been reached."

The following was actually turned in by two of his
English students, Rebecca and Gary.


(first paragraph by Rebecca)
At first, Laurie couldn't decide which kind of tea she
wanted. The chamomile, which used to be her favorite
for lazy evenings at home, now reminded her too much
of Carl, who once said, in happier times, that he
liked chamomile. But she felt she must now, at all
costs, keep her mind off Carl. His possessiveness was
suffocating, and if she thought about him too much her
asthma started acting up again. So chamomile was out
of the question.

(second paragraph by Gary)
Meanwhile, Advance Sergeant Carl Harris, leader of the
attack squadron now in orbit over Skylon 4, had more
important things to think about than the neuroses of
an air-headed asthmatic bimbo named Laurie with whom
he had spent one sweaty night over a year ago. "A.S.
Harris to Geostation 17," he said into his
transgalactic communicator. "Polar orbit established.
No sign of resistance so far..." But before he could
sign off a bluish particle beam flashed out of nowhere
and blasted a hole through his ship's cargo bay. The
jolt from the direct hit sent him flying out of his
seat and across the cockpit.

He bumped his head and died almost immediately, but
not before he felt one last pang of regret for
psychically brutalizing the one woman who had ever had
feelings for him. Soon afterwards, Earth stopped its
pointless hostilities towards the peaceful farmers of
Skylon 4. "Congress Passes Law Permanently Abolishing
War and Space Travel," Laurie read in her newspaper
one morning. The news simultaneously excited her and
bored her. She stared out the window, dreaming of her
youth, when the days had passed unhurriedly and
carefree, with no newspaper to read, no television to
distract her from her sense of innocent wonder at all
the beautiful things around her. "Why must one lose
one's innocence to become a woman?" she pondered

Little did she know, but she had less than 10 seconds
to live. Thousands of miles above the city, the
Anu'udrian mothership launched the first of its
lithium fusion missiles. The dim-witted wimpy
peaceniks who pushed the Unilateral Aerospace
Disarmament Treaty through the congress had left Earth
a defenseless target for the hostile alien empires who
were determined to destroy the human race. Within two
hours after the passage of the treaty the Anu'udrian
ships were on course for Earth, carrying enough
firepower to pulverize the entire planet. With no one
to stop them, they swiftly initiated their diabolical
plan. The lithium fusion missile entered the
atmosphere unimpeded. The President, in his top-secret
mobile submarine headquarters on the ocean floor off
the coast of Guam, felt the inconceivably massive
explosion, which vaporized poor, stupid Laurie.

This is absurd. I refuse to continue this mockery of
literature. My writing partner is a violent,
chauvinistic semi-literate adolescent.

Yeah? Well, my writing partner is a self-centered
tedious neurotic whose attempts at writing are the
literary equivalent of Valium. "Oh, shall I have
chamomile tea? Or shall I have some other sort of
F_KING TEA??? Oh no, what am I to do? I'm such an air
headed bimbo who reads too many Danielle Steele




Go drink some tea - whore.

A+ - I really liked this one.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

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Excited states no quarter
bold and brazen flight
shake the body
another risk
another danger
that you find
you must take up
it gives it's pleasure to you
you never seem to march farther
along it's length
and leave no trace
towards journeys end
the hammer swings
in space
what's your name child
what IS your name?
it never leaves
ancient animal without fear
things happen
things happen to you...
Of flight again flight
strangers wait in line
strangers walk
in time
each together alone possessed
with the distance
between their feet
they spread their legs apart
and measure the distance
of each other
and every other determined stretch
of straining muscle...
as each split second
your condition
it discovers your attack
if you hesitate
things happen...
things happen to you
A blanket of security to keep you warm
in deepest seduction
lies your goal
our hands and our feet
are tied
to the plow
we're weak
and we're spinning...
Straing muscle what's your name
who completes the wheel?
excited states no quarter
blown away flight
shake the body
pulse tonight
another risk another danger
that you find you MUST take up
it gives it's pleasure to you...
It gives it's pleasure
to you
towards journey's end
when the pendulum's arc
swings back
in space
what's your name?
what IS your name?
Staring still determines your condition
it discovers your attack
things happen
Things happen to you
things happen to you
things happen to you

(© Bri Whitney)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

V. I . T . R . I . O . L

Vista Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem


Visit the greatest depths of the soul, look into yourself to know intimately the true nature of the human condition, closing ourselves in the secret laboratory of our being, within our Philosophic Egg hermetically shut, rectifying, distilling, separating the thin from the thick, to find out the hidden stone that encompasses the true self.

This is my wish for us all, for it’s symbolism reaches many depths, whether it be alchemy, or the human spirit, it’s message is the same... to bring forth the transformational power of light, or the energy that only you behold...

SO, may this month be for you all one of bright light, love, serenity, and prosperity...;D

I could come to light
against your reasons for sanity
or your acumen toward inchoate wavering
but instead I come only to bring you
the deepest love I have.

I am with you and this is mine
against into the wind that tries
to turn my flesh out
into the night
at nightmare speeds
we choose to lie like cats in depth
in this skin ocean
in this skin
black box
which is to know that night turns day
on down the line
and oh...
it’s only water
it’s only a hurricane
and you push yourself into the river
hurry, hurry
it’s only water
or is it flame
out over the dam
and oh
the water acts
as if in whispers
and the fire may carry
me away
to wash my service
in this skin ocean
in this black box
but I love you
If I could only come to light
against the reasons for my sanity
or for the reasons
which I can find in spades
to explore the depths
of my duality
Instead I am come
to bring your phoenix
this fire
will burn forever
my heart beats so indiscreetly
between the jaws of life
a little fast sometimes...
I’d be afraid if it didn’t
I’d be alone in my own trench
I’d be afraid if it didn’t pulse
in this ocean of skin.
we are the anatomy
of our fear
we are the autonomy
of our desire
I am with you and this is mine
I hold congress
show me what I need to love blind
without coming in
or leaving out
we’re staring still in the road again
I’m cutting deep lines
in the calm
of my fear
and I’m spilling seeds now like
half machine
and I’m searching for treasure
and I’m seeking the truth
in this skin
in this endless ocean
I see you standing here on the road
with me
you passed so close
you seem so close
it’s only water
it’s only life
and we glow in it’s presence
so you push yourself
into the river
hurry, hurry
it’s only water
it’s only vitriol fire
out over the dam
and oh
the hurricane acts
as if in whispers
and the fire may carry
me away
to wash my service
in this skin
black box
but I love you
I am with you and this is mine
slotted into the dream
we are often
we can be a little more today
and still tomorrow
completely one at one time
completely one if only
for a moment
you’re still salt
the children
of the evolving mind
kiss the blood
from the hands of a mystery
and oh, it’s only the water of life
it’s only a hurricane
so you push yourself out into the river
the sun rises out
over the dam
and the water joins hands
with the fire
I lose the illusion, and they carry me away
to wash my service in this skin ocean
in this skin black box
but I love you

(© 2005 Bri Whitney)

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